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This Rescued Baby Elephant Playing With A Ribbon Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day

The simplest things in life can sometimes be the best. Remember being a kid and being able to turn anything into a toy. All you needed was a little imagination. Hopefully today’s technology has not robbed our youth of being able to do this. My kids tell me they are bored after sitting in the car for five minutes without a tablet or some other device to keep them occupied. Then I start the lecture they have come to know so well. I tell them about my childhood and how we didn’t have game boys, cellphones, DVD players, iPods, or anything else like that. My only option was looking out the window and using my imagination. And now I am of the opinion that those of us that went through that became better more rounded individuals because of it. Watching this baby elephant with a ribbon, having the best time ever, is a perfect example of how much fun you can have with the simplest of things. Seriously, you can’t watch this video and not smile.

The elephant in the video is named Faa Mai. She is one of the many elephants featured on Elephant NewsElephant News is an online environmental news network that specializes in educational outreach through media. Researchers have found that elephants have hundreds of distinct signals and gestures. So elephants are communicating with each other even while at play. Elephant biologist and conservationist Joyce Poole and her husband, Petter Granli, founders of Elephantvoices, developed an online database of those signals. What do you think this elephant was communicating when it was playing with the ribbon? I’m not sure what it was saying, but I do know that it was a beautiful thing to watch.