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Creepy Baby Balancing On The Edge Of A Crib Like It’s Possessed

Creepy Baby Balancing On The Edge Of A Crib Like It's Possessed

We all like to believe that each of our children has a special talent. That there is something that is going to set them apart from every other child on the planet. Something that they will be able to look at and say, “I’m the best”. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. Most of us have talent yes, but there can only be one person who is “the best”. These parents may be on the lucky few in the future who can say their child is the best at something, if this video is any indication. The video comes from a child named Conner’s room. He is crying out to his parents when he does something that I can’t ever say I’ve seen a baby do. It’s quite incredible, and makes me think Conner’s parents should get him into gymnastics or something similar when he is older.

That is some incredible balance for a baby of that age. I have never seen a child that young do something like that. Unfortunately for Conner’s parents, it’s just another thing they have to worry about. As if they didn’t enough to worry about already right? Hopefully this was an isolated incident and Conner doesn’t attempt to pull this stunt ever again.

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