Brother Annoys Sisters With Lip-Syncing On 7-Hour Drive

Brother Annoys Sisters With Lip-Syncing On 7-Hour Drive

From awesome siblings comes awesome abilities. My older brother, for example, had the amazing ability to make a particular noise that caused so much annoyance that I actually felt pain in my ears and into my jawbone. That noise made me cringe so badly that I thought my body would contort so violently that I would actually decapitate myself or grind my teeth right out of my mouth. Other siblings develop the ability to simply ignore their pestering brothers and all of their evil attempts at irritation. What you learn as a sibling, above all else, is patience. This brother and sister are on a 7 hour annoying road trip that the sister seems less than excited to be going on. Both siblings seem to have learned quite a bit of patience in their lifetimes. The brother’s patience is exhibited in his endurance as he attempts to annoy and infuriate his sister. The sister’s patience is simply shown by her ability to make it through the annoying road trip without flipping her lid or causing significant bodily harm to her beloved brother.

The funniest part to me is the odd and random music selection by the brother. His annoying dancing a singing, however animated he may be, has got to be a little nerve-wracking, as he’s obviously not giving the road anything close to his full attention. While this is much less of a time-lapse, and more of several snippets from the 7 hour journey, the seemingly silent sister and her disapproving deep breaths make me laugh. The anger and frustration coming out is apparent in the rolling eyes and sideways glances, not to mention the furled eyebrows. At the moment that she finally decides to participate, she seems to have completely depleted the wind from her brothers sails, and receives one of the most disapproving looks that I have ever seen! Hahaha. I’m glad it wasn’t me stuck in the car with this guy on this annoying road trip.

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