This Might Just Be The Most Amazing Obstacle Course In The World

This Might Just Be The Most Amazing Obstacle Course In The World

There is an obstacle relay race in Chile that is absolutely amazing. Just watching them run through these obstacles without pausing to even contemplate how far of a drop they are jumping from is simply aw-inspiring! These racers practically fly up ladders and then jump down from the top instead of using the rungs. They run along zig-zagging walls and fly through small tunnels. There is no hesitation or second guessing and they absolutely sprint the whole time! You have to see it to believe that this truly is the most amazing obstacle course in the world!

Now that you have watched pure athleticism at its finest, you know you want to build a new obstacle course to race your friends through! However, it may take years to become as fit and confident as the racers that are featured in this video. But even still, this would be so much fun! I doubt I would ever be able to keep up with these Chileans even after years of practice! I know that I would have fallen at least a dozen times, just on the first obstacle! However, this would definitely be a fun race to watch, if not to participate in!


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Written by Dan Edmund

Dan Edmund has been doing internet marketing for over 10 years and frequently blogs on several websites.

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