Man Soars Through The Switzerland Mountains In A Wingsuit

Man Soars Through The Switzerland Mountains In A Wingsuit

There are so many beautiful places throughout the world. You’d be the luckiest person ever if you were to see even an eighth of them. Well this guy is slowly crossing places off his bucket list one mountain at a time. You would think it was a movie or there were some Photoshop edits in this incredible video, but it’s not. Extreme Seattle adventurer, Brandon Mikesell did some gliding through the mountains in Switzerland. The views and angles are spectacular; it almost feels as though you are flying through the sky with him.

Check Out This Incredible Gliding Video:

What he was able to capture is absolutely incredible. I truly felt like I was watching an action sequence in a movie of the hero getting away from the bad guys by jumping off a cliff, teasing them into thinking he had fallen to his death. But nope, it was just Brandon Mikesell and his thirst for outdoor adventures. He wore a few different GoPro cameras to get the different angles, which is what I think makes this video so beautiful. Would you skydive through the sky like Brandon? I don’t think I would but I appreciate him taking the time to take video of his adventures.

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