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A Round of Golf Turned Terrifying When This Giant Alligator Walked Past

A Round of Golf Turned Terrifying When This Giant Alligator Walked Past

Florida is a beautiful place. I went there many times when I was a kid to visit my aunt and uncle. I loved every minute. The constant sunshine, and warm temperatures; it really was a paradise. As I’ve gotten older though, a few of my friends have moved into the state….and let me tell you they have some horror stories. The bugs are out of control, the humidity is unbearable as times, and you have to deal with hurricanes. The scariest part though? They have freaking dinosaurs there! Well, the closest thing we still have to dinosaurs that is. Alligators are common in this part of the country, and much like the honey badger, they just don’t seem to give a hoot. Like this guy who strolled through this golf course on his way to a lake just across the way.

UPDATE! The gator has been spotted again. Apparently the alligator likes to stick around the areas of holes 3, 8, and 14. Some people questioned the authenticity of the last video, but those conspiracies have been disproven. This gator is very real, and VERY large!

When the man steps into the frame of the recording, it really gives you a sense of scale for how big this creature is. It’s estimated that this Alligator was around 15 feet long! You can just tell from the video that this thing is absolutely massive. It’s a good thing that everyone decided to keep their distance, because this is one creature you DO NOT want to mess with.

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