Watching This Lion Cub With His Caretaker Will Give You All The Feel-Goods

Watching This Lion Cub With His Caretaker Will Give You All The Feel-Goods

There has been a lot of controversy in the news recently about big cats, big game hunts, and even how ethical zoos are becoming. I personally believe in big game hunts, even though after Cecil the Lion was killed most people are against them. After watching this adorable lion cub though, I may have to change my mind. This little guy seems to be the cuddliest little big cat I have ever seen. He walks right up to his handler and just goes in for a big hug and some kitty kisses. He isn’t the least bit shy about his affection towards his handler, and he lets everyone know that this guy is his and his alone. I mean with that face though, how could you not just want to cuddle this adorable lion cub all day long? He just casually walks up to the handler and then unleashes all his adorable lion cub cuteness in the form of snuggles and kisses for his handler. This little cub might be in love, and I think we here might be as well. Seriously, how cute is this little guy?

Check Out This Adorable Lion Cub!

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Absolute cuteness overload right there. This little one is seriously in love with his trainer and doesn’t care who knows it. Most likely this guy has been raised in captivity, so he really only knows his handler as his mother and father. Big cats are strongly attached to their parents for the first portion of their lives, so seeing one this attached to its handler is very common for large animals who have been raised in captivity. It is always just as cute every time you see their affection. It’s sad to think that many of these majestic animals, along with many other species on the globe are being wiped out because of stupidity and pure laziness.

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